No matter how strong your prescription, we have lenses to suit your needs


When it comes to correcting your eyesight, you want to know that the lenses in your glasses are expertly crafted and will last as long as you need them. You also want to feel comfortable wearing your spectacles at any time without feeling self-conscious about lens thickness or magnification.

“We’ve researched and invested in the most advanced lenses for your eyewear. This means that not only will your spectacles provide you with the crystal clear vision you deserve, but they’ll also look subtle and stylish whenever you wear them.”

Gerry Condron-Optometrist.

Whether you require single-vision, bifocal, varifocal or progressive lenses, you can feel confident that your eyewear will be made with precision. Our lens crafters use hard-wearing and scratch-resistant materials to ensure your glasses can withstand both everyday wear-and-tear and any unexpected mishaps. For those with stronger prescriptions, high-index and aspheric lenses can be used to provide you with accurate vision with remarkably thin yet robust materials.

All lenses can also be tinted and coated with a range of colours and filters for various purposes. Photochromic lenses, often known as “reactive” lenses, adjust their tint based according to sunlight levels. These can provide the convenience of both regular spectacles and prescription sunglasses in a single pair. Whatever you’re after, the team will almost certainly be able to provide it for you – just come into branch and ask.

For more information about our lens options, or to book an appointment, simply call 01355 233677 and speak to a member of our friendly team.