As one of the first practices to join LENS and with an optometrist who holds the qualification in Independent Prescribing

We are proud to lead the way in emergency eye care

The Lanarkshire Eye-health Network Scheme (LENS) was established to provide fast and effective care for urgent eye-related health issues. It’s a scheme which means that any such cases are directed straight to an optometrist by NHS Lanarkshire. This means patients can be seen more quickly by an eye specialist, who will be in the best position to diagnose and administer any necessary treatment.

Condron Optical was one of the original practices involved in LENS when it was first established, and we are proud to continue offering this essential service. In March 2015 Gerry became one of only a few optometrists in NHS Lanarkshire to hold the qualification of Independent Prescriber which enables him to write prescriptions for eye conditions. This not only enables us to help people in need of urgent optical care, but it also allows A&E departments to focus their resources on other emergencies.

“We now have several years of experience accepting patients in need of emergency eye care at short notice. The Independent Prescriber qualification now allows me to offer a more complete service in this regard. There are currently only a very few Optometrists in East Kilbride who are equally qualified”

Gerry Condron-Optometrist

An emergency eye problem can be any form of disturbance or deterioration in your vision, and can include eyes that are sore, painful, red or inflamed. Eye conditions can often worsen at an alarming rate, even leading to permanent damage to your eyes and vision if treatment is not administered as early as possible. This is why it’s so vital to see an optometrist as soon as you can in cases such as these.

Should you experience any symptoms like the ones described above, and you are able to travel safely to our practice then please call us to arrange an emergency appointment. If we are unavailable you should seek advice from NHS Lanarkshire on 0300 3030 243 or, if out with normal opening hours, NHS 24 on 111.

If you would like any further information about emergency eye care or LENS, contact us on 01355 233677. Alternatively, you can get in touch with NHS Lanarkshire on 0300 3030 243.