Our specialist camera allows us to examine eyes in high definition


Our owner Gerry has always worked hard to ensure our practice is fully equipped with state-of-the-art optical technology. This means that your optometrist will not only be able to see more of your eye, but will also be able to examine it in much greater detail. This in turn means that any potential concerns are likely to be detected both earlier and with greater accuracy.

Our Fundus Camera is essentially a specialised microscope with a high definition camera attached. This powerful piece of equipment is non-invasive, completely painless and gives your optometrist a thorough and accurate image of the inside of your eye, specifically your retina – even the tiniest irregularities can be picked up far earlier than without Fundus photography. Your optometrist can then recommend treatment much sooner, considerably reducing the risk of permanent damage to your eyes and vision.

The team at Condron Optical recommend Fundus photography to every patient no matter their age, eyesight or medical history. There are a number of eye-related health issues which display no symptoms until after the damage has been done. Other general health issues, such as diabetes, can also be detected much more readily with a Fundus Camera.

For more information about Fundus photography, or to book an appointment for an eye exam, call 01355 233677 and speak to a member of the Condron Optical team.