Our eye tests always begin with the most important question of all: How are you?


It’s a worrying reality that many optometrists today are driven by filling their appointment book, not by offering comprehensive care. What that means is that your eye exam may not be thorough enough to really look after both your eyes and your overall health.

That’s why here at Condron Optical your appointment will always be carried out with plenty of time to conduct full assessment of your eye health. Your optometrist will begin your eye exam by asking you how you are, giving you the opportunity to mention any health concerns. Even if it’s something you think is minor or have only experienced once, anything unusual could be enough to let your optometrist know of a potential eye health issue.

A series of procedures will then be carried out to examine the health of your eyes as well as testing your vision; there’s nothing to worry about those, as all of these are completely painless. If there are no concerns and your existing prescription hasn’t changed that will usually be the end of your appointment and you’ll be advised when to come and see us next. If your prescription has changed, your optometrist will explain this to you and you will have the chance to choose your new eyewear.

For more information about eye exams, or to book an appointment, contact our friendly team on 01355 233677.