If you’ve been told you can’t wear contact lenses in the past, you haven’t been to Condron Optical

Too often the team at Condron Optical see patients who have been told they’re unsuitable to use contact lenses. They are often disheartened that their only option for clear eyesight is spectacles, which we know is not something every person would choose to wear.

When you come to us with your contact lens needs, you will always be provided with a full lens trial. This starts with an initial assessment where the shape of your eye, your unique tear chemistry and the surface of the front of your eye are all examined. You will then be recommended the right type of contact lens for your personal needs. These might be soft or rigid, daily disposable or longer term lenses, and will be agreed by you in consultation with your optometrist.

Before you are invited to take your new eyewear home to trial, you will be advised about how to care for them properly, and informed of the common complications associated with contact lenses. At the end of your trial you will have a follow-up appointment and, if everything is fine, you will be provided with your final lenses.

As you continue to wear contact lenses, the team at Condron Optical will provide you with ongoing aftercare. This is to ensure your eyes remain healthy and that your lens prescription is providing you with accurate eyesight.

For more information about contact lenses, or to book an appointment for an initial assessment, contact Condron Optical on 01355 233677 to speak with a member of our friendly team.